Forestry Grapple

product made in USA
1 year warranty
custom fabrication available

The Forestry Grapple is a MONSTER to say the least. The bottom of the grapple’s bucket is built with ¾” Grade 50 steel.  Both the cutting edge and the massive top grapples are made with ½” Grade 50 steel. There is approximately 12” of space between the bucket tines and there are serrated teeth on the grapples for added grip. This grapple is capable of holding an immense amount of debris. It is a very popular choice for customers in the forestry industry due to the bucket’s height and depth, as well as the large independent grapples.


  • 12” tine spacing
  • Independent grapples
  • Universal quick attach plate
  • Commercial-grade steel
  • Greaseable pivot points
  • Massive 52 ½” grapple opening
  • Serrated grapple teeth


  • Common sizes: 74" and 84"
  • Spacing: 12"
  • Length: 38.5"
  • Height: 38"
  • Edge: 1/2" G50
  • Weight: 1,200 lbs and 1,300 lbs

Click here to view the manual for the Forestry Grapple


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