Rock & Brush Grapple Features

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    At Prime Attachments, one of our major goals is to bring you the most badass attachments with all the features possible to give you the versatility you need in the field or on the job site! The Prime Rock & Brush (skeleton) Grapple is one of the best examples of this. We feature three styles in light duty, heavy duty and then, of course, the number one selling Commercial Grade series. 

    Commercial Grade Series Rock & Brush Grapple

    Basic Industry Features:

    • Five different sizes are available for large or small skid steers: 62”, 68”, 74”, 78” & 84” widths. 
    • Bolt-on-removable side plates to provide versatility for moving items such as split wood, rocks, or take them off and move 12-foot logs, etc…
    • Commercial-grade 50 steel ½” cutting edge that is fully hand-welded, no missed robotic welds allowed at Prime Attachments. 
    • 3” spacing between 3/8” steel tines
    • 3×3 tubing that is ¼” thick wall for extreme durability 
    • Fully welded/closed quick attach plate that helps prevent objects coming through the grapple towards your skid steer loader

    Prime Enhanced Features:

    • Reinforced outside tines made from 1” cold-rolled pins that provide one of the most important parts of security for the grapple when you take the side plates off. These are key to make sure the side plates can always go back on when needed so there is no bending that occurs during use. 
    • Recessed grease zerks to protect them from falling out or prevent them from rubbing on straps when transporting the skid steer and grapple from project to project. 
    • Bolt-on cylinder covers that provide exceptional protection to your hydraulic cylinders while in use. This helps prevent objects from snagging your hoses, ruining fittings or causing hydraulic leaks. 
    • Visibility cutouts that allow you to see what you are going to be grappling with on your project. If you have ever used a grapple for your skid steer you quickly understand how vital these are in seeing what you are doing from the cab of your skid steer. 
    • Grapple stops. ½” thick fully welded grapple stops that help prevent operator error when accidentally pushing with your grapples open and/or back dragging incorrectly with your grapple flats instead of your ½” grade 50 cutting edge. Operators tend to use the entire weight of their skid steer when pushing into a pile at their project and too many times that causes over-centering of grapples and puts far too much stress on your cylinders. Grapple stops are the best way to help prevent that!
    • Two-Piece Grapple System is a Prime concept that allows us to weld the grapple flats together fusing them at an angle to enhance the strength of the grapple tremendously to prevent twisting as many of our competitors do. This also allows us to flip your cylinders and protect the fittings far greater than the majority of other grapples on the market. 


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