About Us

Welcome to Prime Attachments, your number one source for hardcore skid steer attachments. Not only do we strive to build the most durable and functional attachments on the market, but we also sell them at a fair price. We understand that it’s essential to have equipment that not only works, but works well; you work hard, and we guarantee that our skid steer attachments will do the same. All of our attachments are professionally engineered, made with quality, commercial-grade materials, and are covered by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, making them undeniably bad ass.

Located in an industrial park in Garfield, MN just outside of Alexandria, Prime Attachments is proud to be a true leader in the skid steer attachment manufacturing industry. The company’s history began in 2015 with a small personal shop and the simple idea that hard working folks shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to get high quality attachments that last. That led to the engineering and fabrication of a few popular models, but the ultimate objective was always to take over the attachment market and redefine what a high quality, affordable attachment should look like. Prime Attachments now distributes skid steer attachments all over the United States + Canada.

We believe that a company’s most important asset is its people and attribute the success of the company to our employees. As we continue to grow, Prime Attachments strives to employ individuals who have similarly high standards of performance and are dedicated to upholding our commitment to excellence every single day. Our employees take great pride in their work, and it shows in the quality of every single attachment that leaves our shop. We truly hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy building them. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


The Prime Family

Difference & Advantage

Every attachment we produce is professionally engineered, not just drafted. With more than 30 years of
professional engineering experience including Finite Element Modeling with ANSYS, we have the skill
and experience to go above and beyond and outperform our competitors. During the product testing
stage, we use the attachments for the most complicated of jobs and push them to their limits, allowing
us to find any weak points so we can make sure that by the time they get to our consumers they are fit
to be Badass.

We realize that you have many different choices when it comes to buying skid steer attachments. What
sets us apart from the majority of our competitors is that our family owned company actually
manufactures ALL of our own attachments from start to finish! Many of our competitors are simply re-
sellers that purchase and rebrand attachments made at various manufacturers. The advantages to
buying Prime are:

  • Factory direct pricing! There is no “middle man” that marks up the attachment
  • The attachments are 100% American made (4242 County Rd 40 NW Garfield, MN 56332)
  • 5.0 Google reviewed company! (see reviews)
  • 2-year warranty! If you were to have an issue we don’t need to contact the
    manufacturer to see if it is a covered item because we ARE the manufacturer and
    we stand behind ALL of our products
  • All of our attachments are made with common sized bolts, fittings and hydraulic
    hoses that can be quickly and easily sourced and replaced when performing
  • Founded in 2014 we have the experience and stability to stand behind our products

Our Philosophy

It’s pretty simple; make better products than our competitors and sell them to you at a fair price to keep you coming back for more. This approach has worked, and it’s allowed us to create high-quality American jobs with an environment that empowers our employees to take ownership over the products they make. The result has been an unparalleled level of quality craftsmanship in the attachments market, and a family of proud, happy team members.

Award-Winning Quality

We are proud of the fact that our welding techniques have won industry awards and been recognized at multiple trade shows across the Midwest. Our mission has always been to create products that we are proud of and that we would use ourselves. If you crack a weld, we want to know about it so we can make it right. Anything less than 100% satisfaction is unacceptable. Any attachment purchased from Prime Attachments comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on all welds. We stand behind every single one of our attachments, and we know you’re going to love them.


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