Industrial Brush Mower Maintenance

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    At Prime Attachments, we constantly preach to our customers that having a routine maintenance schedule for any skid loader attachments you have purchased is necessary to not only optimize performance but also extend the life of your attachment for years to come. The Prime Industrial Brush Mower, no pun intended, is a prime example! 

    The top-selling, rigid mount style Prime Industrial Mower has a straightforward checklist for routine maintenance that just takes a few moments to run through each time you are ready to get to work.


    • The 90 degree Omni Gearbox is a very powerful setup when coupled with the industry-leading Flo Torque motor. Not only do they lead in performance but they also provide one of the best warranties for our customers, which we proudly stand behind and collaborate. Check to ensure your gear oil level (using standard 80/90 gear lube) is at the proper level, which is midway up on the gearbox and full to the lower plug. 


    • At certain times throughout the year, especially in the heat of the summer, your hoses can build pressure in the lines and be difficult to hook up to your skid steer hydraulics. If this happens, typically a quick fix is just to crack the lines and relieve that pressure.
    • Please inspect your hoses and fittings at a glance for any noticeable leaks or a quick tightening if needed prior to each use. 

    Brush Mower Blade

    Brush mower blades are a vital part of your skid steer brush mower performance. Overall, they will last you a long time but they are one of those parts that take a bunch of abuse while you do your projects. Inspect these for any noticeable damage or if they need routine sharpening. 

    We would recommend sharpening your brush mower blades, (pending application) roughly every 20 hours or so. 

    Stump Jumper

    • Your stump jumper on your Prime Industrial Brush Mower should be inspected prior to each use for optimal performance and cutting capability. The pan, (stump jumper) should not have any slop or looseness to it between the pan and the tapered gearbox shaft. There is a cotter key that holds this tightly in place so it is very obvious when you look underneath the mower if it is in place or not. This is a key part of safety when using the Prime Industrial Brush Mower so please check this each time you prepare for a project.


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