Direct Drive

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Prime Attachment’s Direct Drive Mower brings brush mowing to the next level. With an open front design, this mower can take out trees up to 8″ in diameter without breaking a sweat.

Built heavy with all grade 50 steel. The Prime Direct Drive Mower is equipped with a 417 LB flywheel, four free-spinning blades, and a double welded push bar, this mower is a lethal weapon in battle of the brush and trees. But don’t be fooled—even though this mower is capable of handling big trees, this mower also takes down tall grass like a champ. With its high tip speeds and high torque motor, the Prime Attachments Direct Drive Mower is the best combo mower on the market. Request a quote today.


  • Direct Drive Motor
  • ¼ Decking with extra support gussets
  • Massive 417 lb fly wheel
  • 4 free spinning blades
  • Fully welded double push bar
  • Top Access hole for quick and easy blade change out
  • Up to 8" Diameter trees
  • Standard Flow 19-25 gallons per minute


  • 72”: Length - 77”, Width - 75", Height - 29", Weight - 1786 lbs
  • 80”: Length - 87”, Width - 84", Height - 29", Weight - 1950 lbs


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