Clam Grapple


The Prime Clam Grapple was designed for multi-purpose use, and it is an absolute beast in action. It’s the perfect tool for cleaning up brush, digging out roots and large rocks, performing concrete work, moving logs, and a whole lot more.

Built heavy with all grade 50 steel, featuring a large 52″ bite, the Clam Grapple is equipped with two 3,000 PSI hydraulic cylinders and has a serrated tooth design for serious clamping power. The replaceable digging teeth make this a popular grapple because of the incredible versatility it offers on the job site. Comes with universal flat face couplers (unless others are requested). Request a quote today and get ready to unleash the beast!

product made in USA
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  • Universal quick attach plate
  • Commercial-grade steel
  • Greaseable pivot points
  • High performance replaceable digging teeth
  • Reinforced gusseted grapple tines
  • Fully gusseted frame (top & bottom)
  • Serrated teeth on clam portion of grapple to hold debris of all kinds


  • Common Sizes: 66"; 74" and 82"
  • 3/4" Grade 50 steel bottom tines
  • 1/2" Grade 50 steel top tines
  • Fully gusseted frame top and bottom
  • Massive 51" opening to get the job done!
  • 2x 3,000 PSI Hydraulic Cylinders for bite
  • Serrated teeth on clam to hold in debris of all kinds
  • 66”: Length - 36”, Width - 66.5", Height - 36", Weight - 990 lbs
  • 74”: Length - 36”, Width - 74.5", Height - 36", Weight - 1095 lbs
  • 86”: Length - 36”, Width - 86.5", Height - 36", Weight - 1245 lbs


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