The Prime Tiller is the only way to play in the dirt. Utilizing 4 swing away blades per spindle, makes tilling virgin soil is a breeze. Our Prime Tiller is the best tool for food plots, gardens, seedbeds or any other landscaping projects you have. The bidirectional motor makes is fast and easy on time and labor as it allows you to cover your tracks and pulverized the soil. Capable to till 6″ deep, adjustable shoes and able to till forward or backwards makes the Prime Tiller very versatile in lots of applications. Operates on standard flow, 15-24 gallons per minute, allows you pulverize the soil in one single pass. It’s available in both 72″ and 84″.


  • 4 swing away blades per spindle
  • Bidirectional motor makes tilling fast as you can cover your tracks


  • Width (till) 72", 84"
  • Overall Width 90″, 102″
  • Depth 28″
  • Height 25″
  • Weight (lbs) 930, 1005
  • Spindles 11, 13
  • Required Hyd Flow 15-24 gpm
  • Tine Rotation Bidirectional

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