The Best skid steer attachments for landscaping work

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    Here at Prime Attachments, we are constantly asked which attachments are best for landscaping. There are a lot of options, but here are our picks for the best skid steer attachment for landscaping projects and work

    Like so many other applications, we have multiple attachments that could suit your needs. One can make a case for several attachments being the best, like 4-1 bucket, Rock and Brush Grapple, and pallet fork grapple.

    Let’s take a closer look at our favorite attachments for landscaping.

    4-in-1 Bucket Attachment

    Our experts here at Prime have decided that if we had to vote for one, that the 4-1 bucket would be our choice for the best overall landscaping skid steer attachment. The versatility that this attachment offers is the main reason for that decision. With the ability to Dig, Doze, Grapple, and Dump, it can do a lot! Now we will explain what those 4 features mean as well as highlight our other applicable attachments.

    • Dig – This is the function that most closely resembles the dirt bucket. When you are digging, you are picking up material in a traditional fashion, either taking it away altogether or relocating the material being dug up. Back dragging would also be a side benefit of the digging function.
    • Doze – with this attachment, thru the use of hydraulics, you are able to lift the front half of the bucket up and use the backplate as a blade. This looks most like what you would see in a traditional “Bulldozer”, pushing material out of the way while also maintaining a level surface. Like the dig function, back dragging is a benefit of this functionality too.
    • Grapple – this function uses the grapple as a means of picking up large items by opening the bucket and then being able to clamp down on the object needing to be moved. To oversimplify it, you could call it “Sandwiching”. Examples of things that could be “Sandwiched” are Rocks/Boulders, large tree branches, and anything else that might have an awkward shape so it won’t enable it to fit in a standard bucket.
    • Dump – For the most part, this is a pretty self-explanatory function. However, the ability to open the bucket in the middle makes it much more versatile in terms of dumping than the traditional bucket. You can slowly open the middle and “Sift” the material slowly out of the bucket which allows that material to be spread evenly over a much larger area. Also, if you are dumping things into the back of a tall vehicle, that opening allows dumping instead of having to pivot the entire attachment forward to empty it. This function actually allows us a greater reach in terms of height.
    The 4-in-1-Bucket is our pick for best skid steer attachments for landscaping
    4-in-1 bucket skid steer attachment

    Rock + Brush Grapple

    The Rock and Brush Grapple features a rock bucket that has 2 grapples, each with a 3,000 psi cylinder that works independently to grab objects. The grapple’s tines are constructed using 3/8“ steel and are placed 3” apart. The thickness of each tine, along with narrower spacing between them enables dirt to fall through while holding onto the larger fragments of material. The ½″ Grade 50 hardened steel cutting edge provides additional strength to the bucket. 

    Every Prime Rock & Brush Grapple comes with bolt-on removable side plates that you are able to keep on when moving smaller material or remove in order to move large objects, such as trees or lumber. We reinforce our outside tines in 3 different locations to provide support and allow you to take the side plates off and use the bucket without bending, twisting, or breaking the tines. 

    The rock and brush grapple on grass
    Rock and brush grapple attachment

    Pallet Fork Grapple

    The Prime Pallet Fork Grapple is one of the more versatile tools to have at the job site or around the farm. You can use it to haul a wide variety of items such as logs, concrete slabs, bales, pipes, rocks, etc. We take the time to professionally mill our 1 1/4″ slider bar on top. This top slider bar is met with a 1/2″ welded “T” design for added strength (this is a huge difference compared to a cheap set of pallet forks). The bottom rail is also designed to outlast our competitors with a reinforced professionally milled 1/2″ “T” design.

    The pallet fork grapple getting ready for a landscaping job
    Pallet fork grapple attachment

    Tiller Attachment

    The only way to play in the dirt is with a Prime Tiller. Utilizing 4 swing away blades per spindle, this tiller makes breaking into virgin soil a breeze. Our tiller is a great tool to use for developing food plots, gardens, or seedbeds, as well as any other landscaping projects you may have. The bidirectional motor saves you time and labor due to its ability to rotate the tines backward or forwards, allowing you to pulverize the soil in one single pass without disturbing the soil a second time. The adjustable shoes make the Prime Tiller very versatile in a lot of applications, as they allow you to quickly set the digging depth. This tiller has the capacity to till 6″ deep. It operates on standard flow (15-24 gallons per minute). The Prime Tiller is available in 5’, 6’ & 7’ lengths.

    Prime attachments tiller front view
    Tiller attachment

    Backhoe Attachment

    A commercial-grade Prime Backhoe will accommodate all of your excavating needs. The professionally engineered buckets come in 12”, 18” & 24” wide sizes. Each bucket comes with replaceable digging teeth. Both 6 1/2’ & 8 1/2′ Backhoes are available, with a capability of digging 6 1/2′ & 8 1/2′ deep respectively. We protect the cylinder and fittings by placing the cylinder upside down in the frame. All of the pivot gussets are fabricated with 1” Grade 50 hardened steel. We offer an optional mechanical thumb for gripping debris, allowing you to complete your job quicker.

    A backhoe attachment excavating during winter
    Backhoe attachment

    Tree Puller

    The Prime Tree & Post Puller is one of the only tree pullers on the market rated for trees up to 12” in diameter. They feature 4 full-length gussets that extend the full length of the cutting edge for maximum reinforcement. We utilize a very small, aggressive tooth pattern that is constructed out of ½” Grade 50 hardened steel. Our tooth pattern is what allows this tree & post puller to be so versatile. Not only do the smaller, stronger teeth allow for trees of both small and larger diameter to be pulled with greater ease, but this puller is also able to remove steel posts with little effort and without any damage to the post or the puller.

    We also manufacture interchangeable bolt-on removable Debris Screens to protect your loader, as well as a bolt-on removable Push Bar that doubles as a back gauge. Both are sold separately.

    Tree Puller attachment doing some clearing on land
    Tree and post puller attachment

    In Summary

    We hope this brief summary answers some of your landscaping attachment questions. Please don’t hesitate to call us anytime if you have additional questions or need help picking the right skid steer attachments for landscaping. Until next time…….


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